Research Articles

Conceptual Bases and Implementation of the EU Youth Policy

Europe is making significant efforts to create a common space where not only common political institutions and values, but also common future is to be shaped. And it is young people who is selected to be the main policy object for building common European identity. To this end in recent years, the European Union has worked out the institutional mechanisms of its youth policy, has formed special agencies for its implementation, developed legal framework. The main document, which laid the conceptual basis of EU youth policy is the White Paper.

International Isotopes Markets

The paper studies world markets of stable and radioactive isotopes. Isotopes have found various applications in science, industry, agriculture and other sectors of the economy, but especially - in medicine. Nuclear medicine is developing intensively all over the world thanks to the success in the treatment of various diseases with the help of radioactive pharmaceuticals (radiopharmaceuticals). The article uses empirical data from a forecast study of the global radiopharmaceuticals market made in 2015 by a research company «Markets and Markets» for the European, North American and global markets.

Evaluation of Risks Related To Russian Power Grid Companies by Foreign Investors

The article focuses on the impact of the current crisis on evaluation of risks related to Russian power grid companies by foreign investors as well as on prospects of raising foreign capital. The current situation resulted in a considerable deterioration of investment climate in Russia as well as in aggravation of industry-specific problems. Inflation growth, devaluation of the national currency, GDP decrease, drop in electricity consumption and the crisis in the banking sector negatively impact the investment profile of the country.