Russia-India: New Horizons for Historical Partnership

Gleb A. Ivashentsov – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia; Member of the Russian International Affairs Council. 1, Bolshaya Yakimanka str., Mosсow, Russia, 119180. E-mail:
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Russia’s relations with India have been close to those of an alliance. However the changes that have taken place in Russia and in the general global situation as well as India’s mighty economic upswing and the rise of its geopolitical ambitions on that basis have introduced new accents and nuances to these relations.

With the coming to power in 2014 of Bharatiya Janata or Indian People’s Party whose ideology is Hindutwa, the nationalism, based on Hindu religious traditions, India’s foreign policy has acquired a new assertiveness. The present Prime Minister N.Modi has declared his plan to make India a leading power on the international arena.

An important feature of India’s foreign policy of recent years is its active building bridges with the US which it view first of all as a potential counterweight to China. The Indian diaspora in the US of 3Million has played its role in that process.
However New Delhi maintains the line of the privileged strategic partnership with Russia. India’s global and regional interests coincide more often with those of Russia than witch other great powers. As for Russia, it never had any conflict with India in the past. Three main pillars of our partnership beyond the foreign affairs framework are those of cooperation in energy, including nuclear power, military technologies and space exploration.Russia-India partnership has proved its viability and efficiency. It helps to promote global peace and security.

Key words: Russia, India, strategic partnership, N. Modi, Hindutwa, Indian diaspora.

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