Following Russian Emigration to Sofia

N.S. Gusev – PhD in Historical Sciences, researcher of the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 32-A Leninskii prospect, Moscow, 119991, Russia. E-mail:
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DOI 10.24833/2071-8160-2017-5-56-237-240 (Read the article in PDF)

Review of the book on Russian emigration to Sofia. It traces the history and influence of Russian immigrants on the capital of Bulgaria. Mikhneva R., Grozev K., Rupcheva G. “Little Russia” on the yellow paving stones. Sofia: Kameia Grup EOOD, 2016. 246 p.

Keywords: Russian emigration, Bulgaria.

1. Kosik V.I. Sofii russkii ugolok. Ocherki so stikhami o russkikh, pokinuvshikh Rossiiu posle oktiabr’skoi revoliutsii 1917 goda i posledovavshei za nei grazhdanskoi voiny [Russian area of Sofia. Essays with poems about Russians who left Russia after the October revolution of 1917 and the subsequent civil war] Moscow: PROBEL-2000, 2008. 236 p. (In Russian).