On Objective and Subjective Facets of the Battle of Moscow

The article analyses the subjective and objective factors played out in the Battle of Moscow in December 1941 – April 1942. The author tries to fix the distorted picture of the events on the Moscow direction of the German–Russian front and the decisions of the Soviet leaders in the Russian and foreign history studies and memoirs.

The Battle of Moscow – 70 Year Anniversary: Historiographic Portrait

The article reviews the Russian and foreign historiography of the Battle of Moscow, 30.09.1041 – 20.04.1942. The author discusses selected works on the Battle of Moscow presenting different viewpoints on this historic event. As a result the author outlines five periods in historiographis studies of the Battle in USSR and Russia. Overall the Battle is presented as a tipping point in the history of WWII opening the prospects for the final victory of the Nazi Germany and fascism.