Tokarev A.A.

Negation, Including, Gradual Oblivion: State Strategies on Soviet Heritage in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

In the year of 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, the author turns to the question of the Soviet heritage influence on nation- and state-building processes in three countries of the South Caucasus – Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. The article postulates clear differences between the study of postcolonialism and the post-Soviet space, and therefore the author presents his own operationalization of the "imperial heritage" study.

Georgia's Economy in the Space of Contradictions Regional Powers

The article deals with the economic ties between Georgia and four countries neighbouring the Caucasus region: Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Kazakhstan. The authors focus their attention on regional analysis and, for comparison, give gures on Georgia’s relations with three global players: the USA, the EU, and the PRC.

The Electoral History of the Post-Soviet Crimea: from UkSSR to Russia

One year ago, the referendum was held in the Ukrainian autonomous republic of Crimea which resulted in the peninsula becomino part of Russia. This article discusses all Crimean voting, including referendums and elections: from the first referendum in the history of the Soviet Union in January 1991, to the last election to the State Council of the Republic of Crimea within the Russian Federation in September 2014. For each vote, except for the regional elections, the average results of the main candidates are presented in the Crimea and in Ukraine.

Institutionalization of Ukrainian Nationalism: Difference of "Svoboda" ("Liberty") and "Praviy Sektor" ("Right Ssector") Ideology

The article examines the history of the formation of Ukrainian nationalist parties "Svoboda" and "Praviy sektor". First, that they express a structured nationalism and Russophobia in Ukrainian political space. Secondly, in Russia it has become customary to identify one with another. The paper gives an overview of the basic civil identities in Ukraine, Eastern and Western.