Pronichkin S.V.

The Realist Paradigm of Energy Diplomacy in the Russian Scientific Tradition and its Practical Applicability

Nowadays energy diplomacy tends to be one of most relevant and important fields of applied research in International Relations. It is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach being an intersection of political and economic theory, international law, energetics, theory of diplomacy, as well as other fields. Still, numerous research works in the given area both in Russia and abroad are characterized by a number of controversies, such as absence of a common theoretical, methodological basis and conventional terminology, as well as lack of consistency in the choice of scientific paradigms, which leads to divergence of research results and hinders the comparability of the latter.

The Support of Science In Japan: Organizational Forms And Financial Mechanisms

Recent organizational and structural changes have significantly changed the relative importance of research funding mechanisms in Russia. There is a need for understanding the possible effects of changes to Russian science. In this context, particular important to research a foreign experience of research funding. For example in Japan have developed a new approach to research funding. It is important to consider the essence of the new approach to research funding, in the aspect of national characteristics of research policy in Japan.