Morozov V.M.

«Conscience of the World» or «Conspiracy of Silence»? To the Anniversaries of the Évian and Bermuda Conferences

The article represents a complex and multifaceted analysis of different aspects related to the Evian and Bermuda conferences and is based on new scientific literature and archival documents. The aspects include such issues as prerequisites for conferences in the documents of the USSR Embassy in Poland as of 1923, historical and legal analysis of the activities and outcomes of conferences from the perspective of international legal regulation of forced population migration, the evolution of F. Roosevelt’s administration policy on the issue of Jewish immigration in the 1930s-1940s, as well as the reaction of the Jewish world to the conferences.

Renewables in Development of The Arab East (Case of Solar Energy)

The article analyzes problems of solar energy rise in the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab World possesses huge resources of oil and natural gas and gained great significance as a world producer and exporter of energy. The MENA region home market is also a big consumer of oil and gas. The study stresses the fact, that industrial processing of mass amounts of crude inside the region has already created serious constraints in development of the area. The further steps to overwhelm the aggravations may be positive if secured through minimizing serious threats, concentrating around problems of climate warming and green gases.

The Palestino-Israelian Track: The Failure of Obama Administration’s Middle East Policy

The article examines the attempts of American diplomacy to achieve a breakthrough on the Palestinian-Israeli track between July 29, 2013 and April 24, 2014 in order to come close to signing the Permanent Status Agreement between the conflicting parties under the US mediation within the framework of the previous agreements reached at the tripartite Summit of 2000 in Camp David. The study is based on an analysis of the “Kerry Plan” prepared by the US State Department, which laid the foundations of solving key issues of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation.

Operation «Brother’s Keeper» in Context of the Palestinian-Israeli Standoff

Nowadays the Gaza Strip radical movement HAMAS is the most dangerous opponent for the State of Israel in the Palestinian arena. In recent years most attention of the world community has been focused on the events in the Gaza Strip. This attention is caused by the dynamics of stando  and the scale of events occurred. During the period after authority setting in the Palestinian enclave by HAMAS movement Israel carried out a series of large-scale military operations. These were «Cast Lead», «Pillar of Defense» and «Protective Edge».

Intеllectual Migration to Israel: the Russian Aspect

The article is dedicated to studying the factor of intellectual emigration from Russia to Israel. Historical preconditions are examined, and its various tendencies in different times are learned. The author tries to analyze “brain drain” from Russia to Israel and gives recommendations on formulating Russian state policy for the purpose of current Russian intellectual migration flow to Israel reduction.