Chernyavskiy S.I.

Russia Foreign Ministry and the State Duma During The First World War

The article studies the cooperation between the Russian Foreign Ministry and the State Duma during the First World War. A hundred years ago, the Russian parliament made the first real steps in democratization of public administration. MPs to the best of their ability and within the limits of the emperor’s powers sought to modernize the outdated system of monarchical rule. They were pushed by the tragic conditions of the First World War in which Russia was plunged by the royal family. The February Revolution of 1917 breathed new strength into the political struggle unfolding in Russia, it forced many conservative oriented public administrators to support the efforts of the MPs to establish a republican form of government.

On Integration Options of Ukrain Foreign Policy

The article evaluates the impact of domestic political regional imbalance and inter-elite divisions of Ukraine in its choice of guidelines for integration. The main sphere of Ukrainian economy is controlled by more than ten financial industrial groups that actively lobby their interests in the policy.