Borishpolets K.P.

The Public Diplomacy Resources of The Union State of Russia and Belarus

Public diplomacy has become a common attribute of the global political life since the early 21 century. The interest for the public diplomacy is also evident among the EEU countries. Nevertheless, the question of the public diplomacy resource savailable for the integrating post-Soviet states and their usage remains open. The practice of the Union State of Russia and Belarus (USRB) is characterized by a wide range of public initiatives to increase the public attractiveness of the bilateral integration project.

Public Diplomacy in EEU Region: Understanding the Phenomenon and its Development

Public diplomacy has gained solid positions in the international discourse. Its resources are aimed at increase of the attractiveness of the country for the international society. Interest to the public diplomacy grows in EEU countries and its problematics is being studied by specialists in Russia and by its partners in integration project.

Russian Language in Central Asian Region

The article is devoted to the role of the Russian language in Central Asia and its development perspectives in the context of the Eurasian integration processes. Russian language has a long historical tradition in Central Asia and hasn’t lost its importance even at the background of two waves of “derussification” that took place after 1991. 

«Brain Drain» from Russia as Problem of Political Governance

When the status of the federal state at the international arena is in major defined by its scientific and technological potential, migration of the highly trained professional from or to Russia acquires a strategic status. The article is devoted to the consequences of the intellectual migration in Russia and proposals for optimization of the management policy at this direction.

On Integration Options of Ukrain Foreign Policy

The article evaluates the impact of domestic political regional imbalance and inter-elite divisions of Ukraine in its choice of guidelines for integration. The main sphere of Ukrainian economy is controlled by more than ten financial industrial groups that actively lobby their interests in the policy.