Bliznetskaya E.A.

The Formation of the Environmental Agenda of the United Nations General Assembly (1946-2016)

The history of an environment as an issue of the international politics pays remarkably little attention to the circumstances in which the environmental agenda develops and to its constitutive issues. The Stockholm Conference on the human environment is one of the important milestones that made the environment as an issue of international concern. However, its success would be impossible without the immense experience in addressing environmental issues gathered at the multilateral level. A review of the literature on the research topic shows that the term «environmental agenda» is not always used properly, there is a lack of empirical data to explain the «greening» of international relations. Indeed, given the fragmented nature of international environmental governance, specifically within the framework of the United Nations, it is difficult to trace the evolution of the environmental agenda from the first days of Organization to the present.

International Environmental Governance: Drivers and Perspectives

The paper aims at contributing to the general understanding of the international environmental governance as a process of global environmental policy formation and implementation. It identifies the drivers that ensure and maintain this process characterizing the current IEG system as fragmentary and ineffective on the one hand, while allowing to outline the trends of its transformation on the other.